[PDF] Arihant JEE Main in 40 Days Crash Course Chemistry | Latest Edition eBook

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 Arihant JEE Main in 40 Days Crash Course Chemistry | Latest Edition eBook

40 days Chemistry for JEE Mains PDF

About the book : 

The book Arihant JEE MAIN CHEMISTRY IN 40 DAYS is a perfect book for JEE Mains Chemistry. This books gives you accelerated way for your chemistry sallybus which  have become the masters of concept and subjects. After doing this book your level of preparation becomes the top. This books gives you fast way to prepare for chemistry without any support.

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This blog does no longer very own this e-book neither created nor scanned. We simply supplying the hyper link already available on net and other sources. If any manner it violates the law or has any issues then kindly mail us or contact us (vaibhavsinghthakur7676@gmail.com) for this Link Removal. I have created this Blog Just to help poor students who are financially terrible to buy any book from market.

How this book is useful for you ?

This is the perfect books for a concise summary of whole sallybus in just 35 - 40 days . In this book they provides you a like a pocaket course for your JEE Mains entire sallaybus with the perfect tatics which are given below.


This books provides a perfect rivision plan becaus the chapter of this book are disigisned day-by- day guides. With this book you complete a topic or chapters everyday. After 37th day your entire sallaybus got reviesd.


As you know mock tests is necessary or you can say compalsary for your JEE prepration. In this book once you finish your revision after 37th days which ensure a better rank in JEE Mains. After solving mock tests you can identify your waekness and works towards him.

And many more tactics are given in this book which can bost your prepration for the final exam.

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Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )

Question 1- I have completed 'Arihant's chemistry in 40 days' book. What marks can I expect in Chemistry in JEE Mains ?

Answer - Frankly speaking, if you have really done it “honestly” you will surely excel.You can expect upto 90–100 marks. Just keep all concepts in revision mode.

Question 2 - Has anybody who used the JEE Mains 40 days and found it helpful? How good is it for revision?

Answer - Yes. It does give you a quick way to accelerated throughout subjects really fast with core formulas clearly seperated according to chapters. But I'd also suggest, specifically for Mains, to buy the Handbook of Chem Maths and Physics by Arihant to maintain and add up to what is already mentioned and create your own formula book. As you would realize, Mains is basically all about formula and rote.

Question 3 - Is Arihant 40 days crash course good for JEE?

Answer - “JEE MAIN IN 40 DAYS CHEMISTRY” is the most accepted crash course programme for the students who are preparing Join Entrance Test (JEE Main-2020). Being the best seller among the students, this book is carefully and consciously designed for the last minute preparation of the JEE Main Exam.

Content :

How to Preparing JEE Main 2022 Chemistry in 40 Days !!

Day 1- Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry
Day 2- States of Matter Day 3- Atomic Structure Day 4- Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure

Day 5- Unit Test 1 (General Chemistry)

Day 6- Chemical Thermodynamics Day 7- Thermochemistry Day 8- Solutions Day 9- Physical and Chemical Equilibrium Day 10- lonic Equilibrium

Day 11- Unit Test 2 (Physical Chemistry-l)

Day 12- Redox Reactions Day 13- Electrochemistry Day 14- Chemical Kinetics Day 15- Adsorption and Catalysis Day 16- Colloidal State

Day 17- Unit Test 3 (Physical Chemistry-II)

Day 18- Classification and Periodicity of Elements Day 19- General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Metals Day 20- Hydrogen Day 21- s-Block Elements Day 22- p-Block Elements (Group 13 to Group 18) Day 23- The d-and f-Block Elements Day 24- Coordination Compounds.

Day 25- Unit Test 4 (Inorganic Chemistry)

Day 26- Environmental Chemistry Day 27- General Organic Chemistry Day 28- Hydrocarbons Day 29- Organic Compounds Containing Halogens Day 30- Organic Compounds Containing Oxygen Day 31- Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen

Day 32- Unit Test 5 (Organic Chemistry-l)

Day 33- Polymers Day 34- Biomolecules Day 35- Chemistry in Everyday Life Day 36- Analytical Chemistry Day 37- Unit Test 6 (Organic Chemistry-II) Day 38- Mock Test 1 Day 39- Mock Test 2 Day 40- Mock Test 3
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[PDF] Arihant JEE Main in 40 Days Crash Course Chemistry

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• 40 days Chemistry for JEE Mains PDF
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• Arihant 40 days Chemistry for JEE Mains PDF

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